Interface SessionKey

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    DefaultSessionKey, WebSessionKey

    public interface SessionKey
    A SessionKey is a key that allows look-up of any particular Session instance. This is not to be confused what is probably better recognized as a session attribute key - a key that is used to acquire a session attribute via the Session.getAttribute method. A SessionKey looks up a Session object directly.

    While a SessionKey allows lookup of any Session that might exist, this is not something in practice done too often by most Shiro end-users. Instead, it is usually more convenient to acquire the currently executing Subject's session via the Subject.getSession() method. This interface and its usages are best suited for framework development.

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      • getSessionId

        Serializable getSessionId()
        Returns the id of the session to acquire.

        Acquiring sessions by ID only is a suitable strategy when sessions are natively managed by Shiro directly. For example, the Servlet specification does not have an API that allows session acquisition by session ID, so the session ID alone is not sufficient for ServletContainer-based SessionManager implementations.

        the id of the session to acquire.