Interface Authenticator

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      • authenticate

        AuthenticationInfo authenticate​(AuthenticationToken authenticationToken)
                                 throws AuthenticationException
        Authenticates a user based on the submitted AuthenticationToken.

        If the authentication is successful, an AuthenticationInfo instance is returned that represents the user's account data relevant to Shiro. This returned object is generally used in turn to construct a Subject representing a more complete security-specific 'view' of an account that also allows access to a Session.

        authenticationToken - any representation of a user's principals and credentials submitted during an authentication attempt.
        the AuthenticationInfo representing the authenticating user's account data.
        AuthenticationException - if there is any problem during the authentication process. See the specific exceptions listed below to as examples of what could happen in order to accurately handle these problems and to notify the user in an appropriate manner why the authentication attempt failed. Realize an implementation of this interface may or may not throw those listed or may throw other AuthenticationExceptions, but the list shows the most common ones.
        See Also:
        ExpiredCredentialsException, IncorrectCredentialsException, ExcessiveAttemptsException, LockedAccountException, ConcurrentAccessException, UnknownAccountException