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    public interface SubjectDAO
    A SubjectDAO is responsible for persisting a Subject instance's internal state such that the Subject instance can be recreated at a later time if necessary.

    Shiro's default SecurityManager implementations typically use a SubjectDAO in conjunction with a SubjectFactory: after the SubjectFactory creates a Subject instance, the SubjectDAO is used to persist that subject's state such that it can be accessed later if necessary.


    It should be noted that this component is used by SecurityManager implementations to manage Subject state persistence. It does not make Subject instances accessible to the application (e.g. via SecurityUtils.getSubject()).
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      • save

        Subject save​(Subject subject)
        Persists the specified Subject's state for later access. If there is a no existing state persisted, this persists it if possible (i.e. a create operation). If there is existing state for the specified Subject, this method updates the existing state to reflect the current state (i.e. an update operation).
        subject - the Subject instance for which its state will be created or updated.
        the Subject instance to use after persistence is complete. This can be the same as the method argument if the underlying implementation does not need to make any Subject changes.
      • delete

        void delete​(Subject subject)
        Removes any persisted state for the specified Subject instance. This is a delete operation such that the Subject's state will not be accessible at a later time.
        subject - the Subject instance for which any persistent state should be deleted.