Class PassThruAuthenticationFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Filter, Nameable, PathConfigProcessor

    public class PassThruAuthenticationFilter
    extends AuthenticationFilter
    An authentication filter that redirects the user to the login page when they are trying to access a protected resource. However, if the user is trying to access the login page, the filter lets the request pass through to the application code.

    The difference between this filter and the FormAuthenticationFilter is that on a login submission (by default an HTTP POST to the login URL), the FormAuthenticationFilter filter attempts to automatically authenticate the user by passing the username and password request parameter values to Subject.login(usernamePasswordToken) directly.

    Conversely, this controller always passes all requests to the loginUrl through, both GETs and POSTs. This is useful in cases where the developer wants to write their own login behavior, which should include a call to Subject.login(AuthenticationToken) at some point. For example, if the developer has their own custom MVC login controller or validator, this PassThruAuthenticationFilter may be appropriate.

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