Interface PrincipalMap

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    Iterable, Map<String,​Object>, PrincipalCollection, Serializable
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    public interface PrincipalMap
    extends PrincipalCollection, Map<String,​Object>

    A PrincipalMap is map of all of a subject's principals - its identifying attributes like username, userId, etc.

    The Map methods allow you to interact with a unified representation of all of the Subject's principals, even if they came from different realms. You can think of the Map methods as the general purpose API for a Subject's principals. That is, you can access a principal generally:

     Object principal = subject.getPrincipals().get(principalName);
    For example, to get the Subject's username (if the username principal indeed exists and was populated by a Realm), you can do the following:
     String username = (String)subject.getPrincipals().get("username");

    Multi-Realm Environments

    If your application uses multiple realms, the Map methods reflect the the aggregate principals from all realms that authenticated the owning Subject.

    But in these multi-realm environments, it is often convenient or necessary to acquire only the principals contributed by a specific realm (often in a realm implementation itself). This PrincipalMap interface satisfies those needs by providing additional realm-specific accessor/mutator methods.

    Les Hazlewood