Interface RealmFactory

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    public interface RealmFactory
    Enables Shiro end-users to configure and initialize one or more Realm instances in any manner desired.

    This interface exists to support environments where end-users may not wish to use Shiro's default text-based configuration to create and configure realms, and instead wish to retrieve a realm configured in a proprietary manner. An implementation of this interface can access that proprietary mechanism to retrieve the already-created Realms.

    The Realm instances returned will used to construct the application's SecurityManager instance.

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      • getRealms

        Returns a collection of Realm instances that will be used to construct the application's SecurityManager instance.

        The order of the collection is important. The SecurityManager implementation will consult the Realms during authentication (log-in) and authorization (access control) operations in the collection's iteration order. That is, the resulting collection's Iterator determines the order in which Realms are used.

        the Collection of Realms that the application's SecurityManager will use for security data access.