Class H64

  • public class H64
    extends Object
    Codec for Unix Crypt-style encoding. While similar to Base64, it is not compatible with Base64.

    This implementation is based on encoding algorithms found in the Apache Portable Runtime library's apr_md5.c implementation for its crypt-style support. The APR team in turn received inspiration for its encoding implementation based on FreeBSD 3.0's /usr/src/lib/libcrypt/crypt.c implementation. The accompanying license headers have been retained at the top of this source file.

    This file and all that it contains is ASL 2.0 compatible.

    • Constructor Detail

      • H64

        public H64()
    • Method Detail

      • encodeToString

        public static String encodeToString​(byte[] bytes)
        Encodes the specified bytes to an H64-encoded String.
        bytes -