Class CasRealm

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    LogoutAware, Authorizer, PermissionResolverAware, RolePermissionResolverAware, CacheManagerAware, Realm, Initializable, Nameable

    public class CasRealm
    extends AuthorizingRealm
    replaced with Shiro integration in buji-pac4j.
    This realm implementation acts as a CAS client to a CAS server for authentication and basic authorization.

    This realm functions by inspecting a submitted CasToken (which essentially wraps a CAS service ticket) and validates it against the CAS server using a configured CAS TicketValidator.

    The validationProtocol is CAS by default, which indicates that a a Cas20ServiceTicketValidator will be used for ticket validation. You can alternatively set or Saml11TicketValidator of CAS client. It is based on AuthorizingRealm for both authentication and authorization. User id and attributes are retrieved from the CAS service ticket validation response during authentication phase. Roles and permissions are computed during authorization phase (according to the attributes previously retrieved).

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