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Deprecated 0 @Deprecated
Todo Work 39 todo, FIXME

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Todo Work

Number of occurrences found in the code: 39

org.apache.shiro.authz.ModularRealmAuthorizerTest Line
no way to unset them, not sure if that is a valid use case, but this is conistent with the PermissionResolver logic // now just to be sure, unset them modRealmAuthz.setRolePermissionResolver( null ); for ( Realm realm : realms ) { Assert.assertNull( ((AuthorizingRealm)realm).getRolePermissionResolver() ); } 87
org.apache.shiro.authz.permission.WildcardPermission Line
- JavaDoc methods 109
org.apache.shiro.config.ReflectionBuilder Line
- complete JavaDoc 69
make protected in 1.3+ 489
org.apache.shiro.crypto.hash.Md5Hash Line
- complete JavaDoc 35
org.apache.shiro.crypto.hash.Sha1Hash Line
- complete JavaDoc 36
org.apache.shiro.crypto.hash.Sha256Hash Line
- complete JavaDoc 37
org.apache.shiro.crypto.hash.Sha384Hash Line
- complete JavaDoc 38
org.apache.shiro.crypto.hash.Sha512Hash Line
- complete JavaDoc 37
org.apache.shiro.crypto.hash.format.Shiro1CryptFormat Line
create a HashFormatException class 125
org.apache.shiro.realm.AuthenticatingRealm Line
- complete JavaDoc 112
org.apache.shiro.realm.AuthorizingRealm Line
- complete JavaDoc 58
org.apache.shiro.realm.AuthorizingRealmTest Line
- this could/should be expaned to be more robust end to end test for the AuthorizingRealm 43
org.apache.shiro.realm.CachingRealm Line
- complete JavaDoc 52
org.apache.shiro.realm.SimpleAccountRealm Line
- complete JavaDoc 48
org.apache.shiro.realm.activedirectory.ActiveDirectoryRealm Line
- complete JavaDoc 55
org.apache.shiro.realm.activedirectory.ActiveDirectoryRealmTest Line
While the original incarnation of this test case does not actually test the heart of ActiveDirectoryRealm (no meaningful implemenation of queryForLdapAccount, etc) it obviously should. This version was intended to mimic my current usage scenario in an effort to debug upgrade issues which were not related to LDAP connectivity. 49
org.apache.shiro.realm.jdbc.JdbcRealm Line
- complete JavaDoc 59
separate password and hash from getPasswordForUser[0] 224
org.apache.shiro.realm.ldap.AbstractLdapRealm Line
- complete JavaDoc 55
org.apache.shiro.realm.ldap.DefaultLdapContextFactory Line
- complete JavaDoc 50
org.apache.shiro.realm.text.PropertiesRealm Line
- complete JavaDoc 86
- cleanup - this method shouldn't be necessary 157
org.apache.shiro.realm.text.TextConfigurationRealm Line
- complete JavaDoc 48
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.AbstractSessionManager Line
- deprecate this class (see SHIRO-240): This is only here to make available a common attribute 'globalSessionTimeout' to subclasses, particularly to make it available to both AbstractNativeSessionManager and ServletContainerSessionManager subclass trees. However, the ServletContainerSessionManager implementation does not use this value (see https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SHIRO-240 for why). That means that only the Native session managers need a globalSessionTimeout property, making this class unnecessary. 30
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.AbstractValidatingSessionManager Line
- complete JavaDoc 42
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.DefaultSessionManager Line
- complete JavaDoc 43
- move SessionDAO up to AbstractValidatingSessionManager? 49
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.DelegatingSession Line
- complete JavaDoc 45
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.ExecutorServiceSessionValidationScheduler Line
- complete JavaDoc 40
Implement an integration test to test for jvm exit as part of the standalone example (so we don't have to change the unit test execution model for the core module) 91
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.SimpleSession Line
- complete JavaDoc 51
- remove concrete reference to DefaultSessionManager 96
org.apache.shiro.subject.SimplePrincipalCollection Line
- complete JavaDoc 46
org.apache.shiro.util.AbstractFactory Line
- Class JavaDoc 22
org.apache.shiro.util.AntPathMatcher Line
- complete JavaDoc 62
org.apache.shiro.util.ClassUtils Line
- complete JavaDoc 40
org.apache.shiro.util.CollectionUtils Line
- complete JavaDoc 32
org.apache.shiro.util.StringUtils Line
- complete JavaDoc 34