Package org.apache.shiro.web.servlet

Shiro-specific implementations of the Servlet API (Servlet Filters, et al).


Interface Summary
Cookie Interface representing HTTP cookie operations, supporting pojo-style getters and setters for all attributes which includes HttpOnly support.

Class Summary
AbstractFilter Base abstract Filter simplifying Filter initialization and access to init parameters.
AbstractShiroFilter Abstract base class that provides all standard Shiro request filtering behavior and expects subclasses to implement configuration-specific logic (INI, XML, .properties, etc).
AdviceFilter A Servlet Filter that enables AOP-style "around" advice for a ServletRequest via preHandle, postHandle, and afterCompletion hooks.
IniShiroFilter Deprecated. in 1.2 in favor of using the ShiroFilter
NameableFilter Allows a filter to be named via JavaBeans-compatible NameableFilter.getName()/NameableFilter.setName(String) methods.
OncePerRequestFilter Filter base class that guarantees to be just executed once per request, on any servlet container.
ProxiedFilterChain A proxied filter chain is a FilterChain instance that proxies an original FilterChain as well as a List of other Filters that might need to execute prior to the final wrapped original chain.
ServletContextSupport Base implementation for any components that need to access the web application's ServletContext.
ShiroFilter Primary Shiro Filter for web applications configuring Shiro via Servlet <listener> in web.xml.
ShiroHttpServletRequest A ShiroHttpServletRequest wraps the Servlet container's original ServletRequest instance, but ensures that all HttpServletRequest invocations that require Shiro's support (getRemoteUser, getSession, etc) can be executed first by Shiro as necessary before allowing the underlying Servlet container instance's method to be invoked.
ShiroHttpServletResponse HttpServletResponse implementation to support URL Encoding of Shiro Session IDs.
ShiroHttpSession Wrapper class that uses a Shiro Session under the hood for all session operations instead of the Servlet Container's session mechanism.
SimpleCookie Default Cookie implementation.

Package org.apache.shiro.web.servlet Description

Shiro-specific implementations of the Servlet API (Servlet Filters, et al).

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