Package org.apache.shiro.web.env

Web-specific Environment implementation and support.


Interface Summary
MutableWebEnvironment A WebEnvironment that supports 'write' operations operations.
WebEnvironment A web-specific Environment instance, used in web applications.

Class Summary
DefaultWebEnvironment Default WebEnvironment implementation based on a backing Map instance.
EnvironmentLoader An EnvironmentLoader is responsible for loading a web application's Shiro WebEnvironment (which includes the web app's WebSecurityManager) into the ServletContext at application startup.
EnvironmentLoaderListener Bootstrap listener to startup and shutdown the web application's Shiro WebEnvironment at ServletContext startup and shutdown respectively.
IniWebEnvironment WebEnvironment implementation configured by an Ini instance or Ini resource locations.
ResourceBasedWebEnvironment Abstract implementation for WebEnvironments that can be initialized via resource paths (config files).

Package org.apache.shiro.web.env Description

Web-specific Environment implementation and support. The most important components are the EnvironmentLoader and EnvironmentLoaderListener, which are used in conjunction with the ShiroFilter to enable Shiro in a web application.

See Also:
EnvironmentLoaderListener, EnvironmentLoader

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