Interface Nameable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractLdapRealm, AbstractShiroFilter, AccessControlFilter, ActiveDirectoryRealm, AdviceFilter, AnonymousFilter, AuthenticatingFilter, AuthenticatingRealm, AuthenticationFilter, AuthorizationFilter, AuthorizingRealm, BasicHttpAuthenticationFilter, CachingRealm, CasFilter, CasRealm, FormAuthenticationFilter, GuiceShiroFilter, HostFilter, HttpMethodPermissionFilter, IniRealm, IniShiroFilter, JdbcRealm, JndiLdapRealm, LogoutFilter, NameableFilter, NoSessionCreationFilter, OncePerRequestFilter, PassThruAuthenticationFilter, PathMatchingFilter, PermissionsAuthorizationFilter, PortFilter, PropertiesRealm, RolesAuthorizationFilter, ShiroFilter, SimpleAccountRealm, SslFilter, TextConfigurationRealm, UserFilter

public interface Nameable

Interface implemented by components that can be named, such as via configuration, and wish to have that name set once it has been configured.


Method Summary
 void setName(String name)
          Sets the (preferably application unique) name for this component.

Method Detail


void setName(String name)
Sets the (preferably application unique) name for this component.

name - the preferably application unique name for this component.

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