Package org.apache.shiro.session.mgt

SessionManager components supporting enterprise session management.


Interface Summary
NativeSessionManager A Native session manager is one that manages sessions natively - that is, it is directly responsible for the creation, persistence and removal of Session instances and their lifecycles.
SessionContext A SessionContext is a 'bucket' of data presented to a SessionFactory which interprets this data to construct Session instances.
SessionFactory A simple factory class that instantiates concrete Session instances.
SessionKey A SessionKey is a key that allows look-up of any particular Session instance.
SessionManager A SessionManager manages the creation, maintenance, and clean-up of all application Sessions.
SessionValidationScheduler Interface that should be implemented by classes that can control validating sessions on a regular basis.
ValidatingSession A ValidatingSession is a Session that is capable of determining it is valid or not and is able to validate itself if necessary.
ValidatingSessionManager A ValidatingSessionManager is a SessionManager that can proactively validate any or all sessions that may be expired.

Class Summary
AbstractNativeSessionManager Abstract implementation supporting the NativeSessionManager interface, supporting SessionListeners and application of the globalSessionTimeout.
AbstractSessionManager Base abstract class of the SessionManager interface, enabling configuration of an application-wide globalSessionTimeout.
AbstractValidatingSessionManager Default business-tier implementation of the ValidatingSessionManager interface.
DefaultSessionContext Default implementation of the SessionContext interface which provides getters and setters that wrap interaction with the underlying backing context map.
DefaultSessionKey Default implementation of the SessionKey interface, which allows setting and retrieval of a concrete sessionId that the SessionManager implementation can use to look up a Session instance.
DefaultSessionManager Default business-tier implementation of a ValidatingSessionManager.
DelegatingSession A DelegatingSession is a client-tier representation of a server side Session.
ExecutorServiceSessionValidationScheduler SessionValidationScheduler implementation that uses a ScheduledExecutorService to call ValidatingSessionManager.validateSessions() every interval milliseconds.
ImmutableProxiedSession Implementation of the Session interface that proxies another Session, but does not allow any 'write' operations to the underlying session.
SimpleSession Simple Session JavaBeans-compatible POJO implementation, intended to be used on the business/server tier.
SimpleSessionFactory SessionFactory implementation that generates SimpleSession instances.

Package org.apache.shiro.session.mgt Description

SessionManager components supporting enterprise session management.

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