Uses of Interface

Packages that use SessionDAO
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt SessionManager components supporting enterprise session management. 
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.eis EIS (Enterprise Information System)-tier components that can perform CRUD operations for sessions using any EIS API. 

Uses of SessionDAO in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt

Fields in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt declared as SessionDAO
protected  SessionDAO DefaultSessionManager.sessionDAO

Methods in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt that return SessionDAO
 SessionDAO DefaultSessionManager.getSessionDAO()

Methods in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt with parameters of type SessionDAO
 void DefaultSessionManager.setSessionDAO(SessionDAO sessionDAO)

Uses of SessionDAO in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.eis

Classes in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.eis that implement SessionDAO
 class AbstractSessionDAO
          An abstract SessionDAO implementation that performs some sanity checks on session creation and reading and allows for pluggable Session ID generation strategies if desired.
 class CachingSessionDAO
          An CachingSessionDAO is a SessionDAO that provides a transparent caching layer between the components that use it and the underlying EIS (Enterprise Information System) session backing store (for example, filesystem, database, enterprise grid/cloud, etc).
 class EnterpriseCacheSessionDAO
          SessionDAO implementation that relies on an enterprise caching product as the EIS system of record for all sessions.
 class MemorySessionDAO
          Simple memory-based implementation of the SessionDAO that stores all of its sessions in an in-memory ConcurrentMap.

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