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Packages that use UnknownSessionException
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt SessionManager components supporting enterprise session management. 
org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.eis EIS (Enterprise Information System)-tier components that can perform CRUD operations for sessions using any EIS API. 

Uses of UnknownSessionException in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt

Methods in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt that throw UnknownSessionException
protected  Session DefaultSessionManager.retrieveSession(SessionKey sessionKey)
protected abstract  Session AbstractValidatingSessionManager.retrieveSession(SessionKey key)
          Looks up a session from the underlying data store based on the specified session key.
protected  Session DefaultSessionManager.retrieveSessionFromDataSource(Serializable sessionId)

Uses of UnknownSessionException in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.eis

Methods in org.apache.shiro.session.mgt.eis that throw UnknownSessionException
 Session SessionDAO.readSession(Serializable sessionId)
          Retrieves the session from the EIS uniquely identified by the specified sessionId.
 Session CachingSessionDAO.readSession(Serializable sessionId)
          Attempts to acquire the Session from the cache first using the session ID as the cache key.
 Session AbstractSessionDAO.readSession(Serializable sessionId)
          Retrieves the Session object from the underlying EIS identified by sessionId by delegating to the AbstractSessionDAO.doReadSession( method.
 void SessionDAO.update(Session session)
          Updates (persists) data from a previously created Session instance in the EIS identified by {@link Session#getId() session.getId()}.
 void MemorySessionDAO.update(Session session)
 void CachingSessionDAO.update(Session session)
          Updates the state of the given session to the EIS by first delegating to CachingSessionDAO.doUpdate(org.apache.shiro.session.Session).

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