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Packages that use AuthenticatingSecurityManager
org.apache.shiro.mgt Provides the master SecurityManager interface and a default implementation hierarchy for managing all aspects of Shiro's functionality in an application. 
org.apache.shiro.web.mgt Components supporting web-specific SecurityManager implementations. 

Uses of AuthenticatingSecurityManager in org.apache.shiro.mgt

Subclasses of AuthenticatingSecurityManager in org.apache.shiro.mgt
 class AuthorizingSecurityManager
          Shiro support of a SecurityManager class hierarchy that delegates all authorization (access control) operations to a wrapped Authorizer instance.
 class DefaultSecurityManager
          The Shiro framework's default concrete implementation of the SecurityManager interface, based around a collection of Realms.
 class SessionsSecurityManager
          Shiro support of a SecurityManager class hierarchy that delegates all session operations to a wrapped SessionManager instance.

Uses of AuthenticatingSecurityManager in org.apache.shiro.web.mgt

Subclasses of AuthenticatingSecurityManager in org.apache.shiro.web.mgt
 class DefaultWebSecurityManager
          Default WebSecurityManager implementation used in web-based applications or any application that requires HTTP connectivity (SOAP, http remoting, etc).

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