Interface Environment

All Known Subinterfaces:
MutableWebEnvironment, NamedObjectEnvironment, WebEnvironment
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultEnvironment, DefaultWebEnvironment, IniWebEnvironment, ResourceBasedWebEnvironment

public interface Environment

An Environment instance encapsulates all of the objects that Shiro requires to function. It is essentially a 'meta' object from which all Shiro components can be obtained for an application.

An Environment instance is usually created as a result of parsing a Shiro configuration file. The environment instance can be stored in any place the application deems necessary, and from it, can retrieve any of Shiro's components that might be necessary in implementing security behavior.

For example, the most obvious component accessible via an Environment instance is the application's securityManager.


Method Summary
 SecurityManager getSecurityManager()
          Returns the application's SecurityManager instance.

Method Detail


SecurityManager getSecurityManager()
Returns the application's SecurityManager instance.

the application's SecurityManager instance.

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