Package org.apache.shiro.crypto.hash.format

Interface Summary
HashFormat A HashFormat is able to format a Hash instance into a well-defined formatted String.
ModularCryptFormat A HashFormat that supports Modular Crypt Format token rules.
ParsableHashFormat A ParsableHashFormat is able to parse a formatted string and convert it into a Hash instance.

Class Summary
Base64Format HashFormat that outputs only the hash's digest bytes in Base64 format.
DefaultHashFormatFactory This default HashFormatFactory implementation heuristically determines a HashFormat class to instantiate based on the input argument and returns a new instance of the discovered class.
HexFormat HashFormat that outputs only The hash's digest bytes in hex format.
Shiro1CryptFormat The Shiro1CryptFormat is a fully reversible Modular Crypt Format (MCF).

Enum Summary
ProvidedHashFormat An enum representing Shiro's default provided HashFormat implementations.

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