Package org.apache.shiro.config

Components that support configuring Shiro in any application.


Interface Summary
ResourceConfigurable Interface implemented by components that can be configured by resource locations (paths).

Class Summary
Ini A class representing the INI text configuration format.
Ini.Section An Ini.Section is String-key-to-String-value Map, identifiable by a name unique within an Ini instance.
IniFactorySupport<T> Base support class for Factory implementations that generate their instance(s) based on Ini configuration.
IniSecurityManagerFactory A Factory that creates SecurityManager instances based on Ini configuration.
ReflectionBuilder Object builder that uses reflection and Apache Commons BeanUtils to build objects given a map of "property values".

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException Root exception indicating there was a problem parsing or processing the Shiro configuration.
UnresolveableReferenceException Exception thrown when a reference to an object is made, but that object cannot be found.

Package org.apache.shiro.config Description

Components that support configuring Shiro in any application.

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