Interface CacheManagerAware

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractLdapRealm, ActiveDirectoryRealm, AuthenticatingRealm, AuthenticatingSecurityManager, AuthorizingRealm, AuthorizingSecurityManager, CachingRealm, CachingSecurityManager, CachingSessionDAO, CasRealm, DefaultSecurityManager, DefaultSessionManager, DefaultWebSecurityManager, DefaultWebSessionManager, EnterpriseCacheSessionDAO, IniRealm, JdbcRealm, JndiLdapRealm, PropertiesRealm, RealmSecurityManager, SessionsSecurityManager, SimpleAccountRealm, TextConfigurationRealm

public interface CacheManagerAware

Interface implemented by components that utilize a CacheManager and wish that CacheManager to be supplied if one is available.

This is used so internal security components that use a CacheManager can be injected with it instead of having to create one on their own.


Method Summary
 void setCacheManager(CacheManager cacheManager)
          Sets the available CacheManager instance on this component.

Method Detail


void setCacheManager(CacheManager cacheManager)
Sets the available CacheManager instance on this component.

cacheManager - the CacheManager instance to set on this component.

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