Interface CacheManager

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractCacheManager, EhCacheManager, MemoryConstrainedCacheManager

public interface CacheManager

A CacheManager provides and maintains the lifecycles of Cache instances.

Shiro doesn't implement a full Cache mechanism itself, since that is outside the core competency of a Security framework. Instead, this interface provides an abstraction (wrapper) API on top of an underlying cache framework's main Manager component (e.g. JCache, Ehcache, JCS, OSCache, JBossCache, TerraCotta, Coherence, GigaSpaces, etc, etc), allowing a Shiro user to configure any cache mechanism they choose.


Method Summary
<K,V> Cache<K,V>
getCache(String name)
          Acquires the cache with the specified name.

Method Detail


<K,V> Cache<K,V> getCache(String name)
                    throws CacheException
Acquires the cache with the specified name. If a cache does not yet exist with that name, a new one will be created with that name and returned.

name - the name of the cache to acquire.
the Cache with the given name
CacheException - if there is an error acquiring the Cache instance.

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