Interface PermissionResolverAware

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractLdapRealm, ActiveDirectoryRealm, AuthorizingRealm, CasRealm, IniRealm, JdbcRealm, JndiLdapRealm, ModularRealmAuthorizer, PropertiesRealm, SimpleAccountRealm, TextConfigurationRealm

public interface PermissionResolverAware

Interface implemented by a component that wishes to use any application-configured PermissionResolver that might already exist instead of potentially creating one itself.

This is mostly implemented by Authorizer and Realm implementations since they are the ones performing permission checks and need to know how to resolve Strings into Permission instances.


Method Summary
 void setPermissionResolver(PermissionResolver pr)
          Sets the specified PermissionResolver on this instance.

Method Detail


void setPermissionResolver(PermissionResolver pr)
Sets the specified PermissionResolver on this instance.

pr - the PermissionResolver being set.

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