Interface LogoutAware

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAuthenticator, AbstractLdapRealm, ActiveDirectoryRealm, AuthenticatingRealm, AuthorizingRealm, CachingRealm, CasRealm, IniRealm, JdbcRealm, JndiLdapRealm, ModularRealmAuthenticator, PropertiesRealm, SimpleAccountRealm, TextConfigurationRealm

public interface LogoutAware

An SPI interface allowing cleanup logic to be executed during logout of a previously authenticated Subject/user.

As it is an SPI interface, it is really intended for SPI implementors such as those implementing Realms.

All of Shiro's concrete Realm implementations implement this interface as a convenience for those wishing to subclass them.


Method Summary
 void onLogout(PrincipalCollection principals)
          Callback triggered when a Subject logs out of the system.

Method Detail


void onLogout(PrincipalCollection principals)
Callback triggered when a Subject logs out of the system.

principals - the identifying principals of the Subject logging out.

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