Package org.apache.shiro.aop

Components used to support the framework's AOP/interception support classes.


Interface Summary
AnnotationResolver Defines an AOP-framework-independent way of determining if an Annotation exists on a Method.
MethodInterceptor A MethodInterceptor intercepts a MethodInvocation to perform before or after logic (aka 'advice').
MethodInvocation 3rd-party API independent representation of a method invocation.

Class Summary
AnnotationHandler Base support class for implementations that reads and processes JSR-175 annotations.
AnnotationMethodInterceptor MethodInterceptor that inspects a specific annotation on the method invocation before continuing its execution.
DefaultAnnotationResolver Default AnnotationResolver implementation that merely inspects the MethodInvocation's target method, and returns targetMethod.getAnnotation(class).
MethodInterceptorSupport This class is an abstraction of AOP method interceptor behavior specific to Shiro that leaves AOP implementation specifics to be handled by subclass implementations.

Package org.apache.shiro.aop Description

Components used to support the framework's AOP/interception support classes.

As this package is a root-level package under org.apache.shiro, it contains AOP support classes useful for any AOP environment and/or function. Feature-dependent AOP classes (e.g. authorization, authentication, etc) will use these classes as their base in their respective packages.

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