Interface SessionStorageEvaluator

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultSessionStorageEvaluator, DefaultWebSessionStorageEvaluator

    public interface SessionStorageEvaluator
    Evaluates whether or not Shiro may use a Subject's Session to persist that Subject's internal state.

    It is a common Shiro implementation strategy to use a Subject's session to persist the Subject's identity and authentication state (e.g. after login) so that information does not need to be passed around for any further requests/invocations. This effectively allows a session id to be used for any request or invocation as the only 'pointer' that Shiro needs, and from that, Shiro can re-create the Subject instance based on the referenced Session.

    However, in purely stateless applications, such as some REST applications or those where every request is authenticated, it is usually not needed or desirable to use Sessions to store this state (since it is in fact re-created on every request). In these applications, sessions would never be used.

    This interface allows implementations to determine exactly when a Session might be used or not to store Subject state on a per-Subject basis.

    If you simply wish to enable or disable session usage at a global level for all Subjects, the DefaultSessionStorageEvaluator should be sufficient. Per-subject behavior should be performed in custom implementations of this interface.

    See Also:
    Subject.getSession(), Subject.getSession(boolean), DefaultSessionStorageEvaluator