Class ServletContainerSessionManager

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    SessionManager, WebSessionManager

    public class ServletContainerSessionManager
    extends Object
    implements WebSessionManager
    SessionManager implementation providing Session implementations that are merely wrappers for the Servlet container's HttpSession.

    Despite its name, this implementation does not itself manage Sessions since the Servlet container provides the actual management support. This class mainly exists to 'impersonate' a regular Shiro SessionManager so it can be pluggable into a normal Shiro configuration in a pure web application.

    Note that because this implementation relies on the HttpSession, it is only functional in a servlet container - it is not capable of supporting Sessions for any clients other than those using the HTTP protocol.

    Therefore, if you need Session support for heterogeneous clients (e.g. web browsers, RMI clients, etc), use the DefaultWebSessionManager instead. The DefaultWebSessionManager supports both traditional web-based access as well as non web-based clients.

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