Class PathMatchingFilter

    • Field Detail

      • pathMatcher

        protected PatternMatcher pathMatcher
        PatternMatcher used in determining which paths to react to for a given request.
      • appliedPaths

        protected Map<String,​Object> appliedPaths
        A collection of path-to-config entries where the key is a path which this filter should process and the value is the (possibly null) configuration element specific to this Filter for that specific path.

        To put it another way, the keys are the paths (urls) that this Filter will process.

        The values are filter-specific data that this Filter should use when processing the corresponding key (path). The values can be null if no Filter-specific config was specified for that url.

    • Method Detail

      • processPathConfig

        public Filter processPathConfig​(String path,
                                        String config)
        Splits any comma-delmited values that might be found in the config argument and sets the resulting String[] array on the appliedPaths internal Map.

        That is:

         String[] values = null;
         if (config != null) {
             values = split(config);

        this.appliedPaths.put(path, values);

        Specified by:
        processPathConfig in interface PathConfigProcessor
        path - the application context path to match for executing this filter.
        config - the specified for this particular filter only for the given path
        this configured filter.
      • pathsMatch

        protected boolean pathsMatch​(String path,
                                     ServletRequest request)
        Returns true if the incoming request matches the specified path pattern, false otherwise.

        The default implementation acquires the request's path within the application and determines if that matches:

        String requestURI = getPathWithinApplication(request);
        return pathsMatch(path,requestURI)

        path - the configured url pattern to check the incoming request against.
        request - the incoming ServletRequest
        true if the incoming request matches the specified path pattern, false otherwise.
      • pathsMatch

        protected boolean pathsMatch​(String pattern,
                                     String path)
        Returns true if the path matches the specified pattern string, false otherwise.

        Simply delegates to this.pathMatcher.matches(pattern,path), but can be overridden by subclasses for custom matching behavior.

        pattern - the pattern to match against
        path - the value to match with the specified pattern
        true if the path matches the specified pattern string, false otherwise.
      • preHandle

        protected boolean preHandle​(ServletRequest request,
                                    ServletResponse response)
                             throws Exception
        Implementation that handles path-matching behavior before a request is evaluated. If the path matches and the filter isEnabled for that path/config, the request will be allowed through via the result from onPreHandle. If the path does not match or the filter is not enabled for that path, this filter will allow passthrough immediately to allow the FilterChain to continue executing.

        In order to retain path-matching functionality, subclasses should not override this method if at all possible, and instead override onPreHandle instead.

        preHandle in class AdviceFilter
        request - the incoming ServletRequest
        response - the outgoing ServletResponse
        true if the filter chain is allowed to continue to execute, false if a subclass has handled the request explicitly.
        Exception - if an error occurs
      • isEnabled

        protected boolean isEnabled​(ServletRequest request,
                                    ServletResponse response,
                                    String path,
                                    Object mappedValue)
                             throws Exception
        Path-matching version of the parent class's OncePerRequestFilter.isEnabled(javax.servlet.ServletRequest, javax.servlet.ServletResponse) method, but additionally allows for inspection of any path-specific configuration values corresponding to the specified request. Subclasses may wish to inspect this additional mapped configuration to determine if the filter is enabled or not.

        This method's default implementation ignores the path and mappedValue arguments and merely returns the value from a call to OncePerRequestFilter.isEnabled(javax.servlet.ServletRequest, javax.servlet.ServletResponse). It is expected that subclasses override this method if they need to perform enable/disable logic for a specific request based on any path-specific config for the filter instance.

        request - the incoming servlet request
        response - the outbound servlet response
        path - the path matched for the incoming servlet request that has been configured with the given mappedValue.
        mappedValue - the filter-specific config value mapped to this filter in the URL rules mappings for the given path.
        true if this filter should filter the specified request, false if it should let the request/response pass through immediately to the next element in the FilterChain.
        Exception - in the case of any error