Package org.apache.shiro.session

Components related to managing sessions, the time-based data contexts in which a Subject interacts with an application.

Sessions in Shiro are completely POJO-based and do not require an application to use Web-based or EJB-based session management infrastructure - the client and/or server technology is irrelevant in Shiro's architecture, allowing session management to be employed in the smallest standalone application to the largest enterprise deployments.

This design decision opens up a new world to Java applications - most notably the ability to participate in a session regardless if the client is using HTTP, custom sockets, web services, or even non-Java programming languages. Aside from Shiro, there is currently no technology in Java today allows this heterogenous client-session capability.

Also because of this freedom, Shiro naturally supports Single Sign-On for any application as well, using this heterogeneous session support.