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This page is dedicated for reference information used by the Apache Shiro development team when performing tasks as a committer or contributor.

Writing Documentation

All non-JavaDoc documentation is managed in our apache/shiro-site repo.

Source Code Repository

We use a Git repository located at git:// You can also browse the mirrored repository on GitHub, located at

Active development is done in the main branch, and maintenance typically on the 1.N.x branch (where N is the current feature release and x is static).

Building from Git

For Shiro cutting-edge development, you can clone the code from Git and build it using Maven 3.6+:

  1. Check out the code:

    git clone
  2. Build the project using Maven 3.6+:

    cd shiro
    mvn verify
Cutting-edge development

When building from main or any branches, use the generated artifacts at your own risk! Current and previous stable releases will always be available via the Download page.