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Published by Francois Papon on the

The Apache Shiro team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Shiro version 1.12.0. This is a feature release for 1.x.

This release solves 2 issues since the 1.12.0 release and is available for download now.

All changes

You can learn more on Jira, Release 1.12.0.


Apache Shiro, before 1.12.0 or 2.0.0-alpha-3, may be susceptible to a path traversal attack that results in an authentication bypass when used together with APIs or other web frameworks that route requests based on non-normalized requests.

Mitigation: Update to Apache Shiro 1.12.0+ or 2.0.0-alpha-3+.

Credit: Apache Shiro would like to thank swifty tk for reporting this issue.


  • [SHIRO-816] - Update shiro-hazelcast to support Hazelcast 5.x



Download and verification instructions are available on our download page.


For more information on Shiro, please read the documentation.


The Apache Shiro Team