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The Apache Shiro team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Shiro version 1.11.0. This is a feature release for 1.x.

This release solves 3 issues since the 1.11.0 release and is available for download now.

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You can learn more on Jira, Release 1.11.0.

This release includes classifiers for the Jakarta namespace.


When using Apache Shiro before 1.11.0 together with Spring Boot 2.6+, a specially crafted HTTP request may cause an authentication bypass. The authentication bypass occurs when Shiro and Spring Boot are using different pattern-matching techniques. Both Shiro and Spring Boot < 2.6 default to Ant style pattern matching.

Mitigation: Update to Apache Shiro 1.11.0, or set the following Spring Boot configuration value:

spring.mvc.pathmatch.matching-strategy = ant_path_matcher

Credit: Apache Shiro would like to thank v3ged0ge and Adamytd for reporting this issue.


  • [SHIRO-903] - Shiro must use ant pattern matching with Spring

  • [SHIRO-899] - Jakarta 9+ fails with Shiro native sessions



Download and verification instructions are available on our download page.


For more information on Shiro, please read the documentation.


The Apache Shiro Team