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The Apache Shiro team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Shiro version 1.10.1. This is a feature release for 1.x.

This release solves 5 issues since the 1.10.0 release and is available for download now.

All changes

You can learn more on Jira, Release 1.10.1.

This release does not include classifiers for the Jakarta namespace, yet.


  • [SHIRO-892] - No Guice binding for newly introduced ShiroFilterConfiguration

  • [SHIRO-893] - NPE caused by lack of default ShiroFilterConfiguration


  • [SHIRO-895] - Work around Guice 4’s Java 17 compatibliity for Java 17-based tests

Dependency upgrade

Behavior Changes

As of 1.10.1, the Guice injection will be fixed as we introduced a regression with 1.10.0 when using Guice with binder().requireExplicitBindings();.


Download and verification instructions are available on our download page.


For more information on Shiro, please read the documentation.


The Apache Shiro Team