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The Shiro team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Shiro version 1.9.0. This is a feature release for 1.x.

This release solves 20 issues since the 1.8.0 release and is available for download now.

Breaking changes

  • We fixed [SHIRO-829] by changing the class signature of the class ShiroFilterFactoryBean:

    -public class ShiroFilterFactoryBean implements FactoryBean, BeanPostProcessor {
    +public class ShiroFilterFactoryBean implements FactoryBean<AbstractShiroFilter>, BeanPostProcessor {

    and the method signature of public Class<?> getObjectType:

    -    public Class getObjectType() {
    -        return SpringShiroFilter.class;
    +    public Class<?> getObjectType() {
    +        return AbstractShiroFilter.class;

While we do not expect to break any builds or runtimes, these changes are (strictly speaking) breaking changes as they introduce Generics to this class.

All changes

You can learn more on Jira, Release 1.9.0.


  • [SHIRO-829] - beanPostProcessor and FactoryBean cause aop to fail in the same Configuration

  • [SHIRO-845] - Dependencies for test-jars missing


  • [SHIRO-804] - Avoid conflicts with spring boot aop

  • [SHIRO-836] - Delete jsecurty-sample.jks

  • [SHIRO-838] - Create SHA512-Hashes

  • [SHIRO-846] - Creation of site takes very long time

  • [SHIRO-848] - Relative Path in pom.xml is not needed

  • [SHIRO-850] - The profile name jdk19-plus is misleading

  • [SHIRO-851] - Handling properties for compile/enconding vs. default configurations of plugins

  • [SHIRO-852] - Configuration for maven-release-plugin prepationGoal should be changed

  • [SHIRO-853] - Versions of maven-surefire/failsafe/report plugin are not in sync

  • [SHIRO-854] - Konfiguration includes/excludes maven-failsafe-plugin can be reduced to default

  • [SHIRO-860] - update logback to 1.2.10

  • [SHIRO-862] - Replace Google Analytics with Matomo for new Javadocs


  • [SHIRO-841] - NullPointerException from SessionsSecurityManager.start()

  • [SHIRO-867] - Skip Deployment of integration-test and samples artifacts

Dependency upgrade

  • [SHIRO-828] - aspectj-maven-plugin 1.14.0

  • [SHIRO-842] - shiro-web depends on older log4j

  • [SHIRO-843] - Update maven-project-info-reports

  • [SHIRO-844] - Update maven-javadoc-plugin to 3.3.1


Download and verification instructions are available on our download page.


For more information on Shiro, please read the documentation.


The Apache Shiro Team