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Packages that use RequestPairSource
org.apache.shiro.web.subject Web-specific Subject interfaces to enable Subject use in web environments. Supporting implementations of org.apache.shiro.web.subject package interfaces. 

Uses of RequestPairSource in org.apache.shiro.web.session.mgt

Subinterfaces of RequestPairSource in org.apache.shiro.web.session.mgt
 interface WebSessionContext
          A WebSubjectContext is a SessionContext that additionally provides for type-safe methods to set and retrieve a ServletRequest and ServletResponse, as the request/response pair will often need to be referenced during construction of web-initiated Session instances.

Classes in org.apache.shiro.web.session.mgt that implement RequestPairSource
 class DefaultWebSessionContext
          Default implementation of the WebSessionContext interface which provides getters and setters that wrap interaction with the underlying backing context map.
 class WebSessionKey
          A SessionKey implementation that also retains the ServletRequest and ServletResponse associated with the web request that is performing the session lookup.

Uses of RequestPairSource in org.apache.shiro.web.subject

Subinterfaces of RequestPairSource in org.apache.shiro.web.subject
 interface WebSubject
          A WebSubject represents a Subject instance that was acquired as a result of an incoming ServletRequest.
 interface WebSubjectContext
          A WebSubjectContext is a SubjectContext that additionally provides for type-safe methods to set and retrieve a ServletRequest and ServletResponse.

Uses of RequestPairSource in

Classes in that implement RequestPairSource
 class DefaultWebSubjectContext
          Default WebSubjectContext implementation that provides for additional storage and retrieval of a ServletRequest and ServletResponse.
 class WebDelegatingSubject
          Default WebSubject implementation that additional ensures the ability to retain a servlet request/response pair to be used by internal shiro components as necessary during the request execution.

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