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Packages that use AbstractShiroFilter
org.apache.shiro.spring.web Spring-specific components for use in Spring-based web applications. 
org.apache.shiro.web.servlet Shiro-specific implementations of the Servlet API (Servlet Filters, et al). 

Uses of AbstractShiroFilter in org.apache.shiro.guice.web

Subclasses of AbstractShiroFilter in org.apache.shiro.guice.web
 class GuiceShiroFilter
          Shiro filter that is managed by and receives its filter chain configurations from Guice.

Uses of AbstractShiroFilter in org.apache.shiro.spring.web

Methods in org.apache.shiro.spring.web that return AbstractShiroFilter
protected  AbstractShiroFilter ShiroFilterFactoryBean.createInstance()
          This implementation: Ensures the required securityManager property has been set Creates a FilterChainManager instance that reflects the configured filters and filter chain definitions Wraps the FilterChainManager with a suitable FilterChainResolver since the Shiro Filter implementations do not know of FilterChainManagers Sets both the SecurityManager and FilterChainResolver instances on a new Shiro Filter instance and returns that filter instance.

Uses of AbstractShiroFilter in org.apache.shiro.web.servlet

Subclasses of AbstractShiroFilter in org.apache.shiro.web.servlet
 class IniShiroFilter
          Deprecated. in 1.2 in favor of using the ShiroFilter
 class ShiroFilter
          Primary Shiro Filter for web applications configuring Shiro via Servlet <listener> in web.xml.

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