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Packages that use Subject.Builder
org.apache.shiro.subject Components supporting the Subject interface, the most important concept in Shiro's API. 
org.apache.shiro.web.subject Web-specific Subject interfaces to enable Subject use in web environments. 

Uses of Subject.Builder in org.apache.shiro.subject

Methods in org.apache.shiro.subject that return Subject.Builder
 Subject.Builder Subject.Builder.authenticated(boolean authenticated)
          Ensures the Subject being built will be considered authenticated.
 Subject.Builder Subject.Builder.contextAttribute(String attributeKey, Object attributeValue)
          Allows custom attributes to be added to the underlying context Map used to construct the Subject instance.
 Subject.Builder host)
          Ensures the Subject being built will reflect the specified host name or IP as its originating location.
 Subject.Builder Subject.Builder.principals(PrincipalCollection principals)
          Ensures the Subject being built will reflect the specified principals (aka identity).
 Subject.Builder Subject.Builder.session(Session session)
          Ensures the Subject being built will use the specified Session instance.
 Subject.Builder Subject.Builder.sessionCreationEnabled(boolean enabled)
          Configures whether or not the created Subject instance can create a new Session if one does not already exist.
 Subject.Builder Subject.Builder.sessionId(Serializable sessionId)
          Enables building a Subject instance that owns the Session with the specified sessionId.

Uses of Subject.Builder in org.apache.shiro.web.subject

Subclasses of Subject.Builder in org.apache.shiro.web.subject
static class WebSubject.Builder
          A WebSubject.Builder performs the same function as a Subject.Builder, but additionally ensures that the Servlet request/response pair that is triggering the Subject instance's creation is retained for use by internal Shiro components as necessary.

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