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Packages that use Realm
org.apache.shiro.authc.pam Support for PAM, or Pluggable Authentication Modules, which is the capability to authenticate a user against multiple configurable (pluggable) modules (Shiro calls these Realms). 
org.apache.shiro.authz Core interfaces and exceptions supporting Authorization (access control). 
org.apache.shiro.config Components that support configuring Shiro in any application. 
org.apache.shiro.mgt Provides the master SecurityManager interface and a default implementation hierarchy for managing all aspects of Shiro's functionality in an application. 
org.apache.shiro.realm Components and sub-packages used in supporting the core Realm interface. 
org.apache.shiro.realm.activedirectory Realms that acquire security data from a Microsoft Active Directory. 
org.apache.shiro.realm.jdbc Realms that acquire security data from an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) using the JDBC API. 
org.apache.shiro.realm.jndi Support for acquiring Realms from JNDI, particularly useful for configuring Shiro in JEE or EJB environments. 
org.apache.shiro.realm.ldap Realms that acquire security data from an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server utilizing LDAP/Naming APIs. 
org.apache.shiro.realm.text Realms that acquire security data from text-based data sources such as Files or text streams. 
org.apache.shiro.web.mgt Components supporting web-specific SecurityManager implementations. 

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.authc.pam

Methods in org.apache.shiro.authc.pam that return types with arguments of type Realm
protected  Collection<Realm> ModularRealmAuthenticator.getRealms()
          Returns the realm(s) used by this Authenticator during an authentication attempt.

Methods in org.apache.shiro.authc.pam with parameters of type Realm
 AuthenticationInfo AuthenticationStrategy.afterAttempt(Realm realm, AuthenticationToken token, AuthenticationInfo singleRealmInfo, AuthenticationInfo aggregateInfo, Throwable t)
          Method invoked by the ModularAuthenticator just after the given realm has been consulted for authentication, allowing post-authentication-attempt logic for that realm only.
 AuthenticationInfo AllSuccessfulStrategy.afterAttempt(Realm realm, AuthenticationToken token, AuthenticationInfo info, AuthenticationInfo aggregate, Throwable t)
          Merges the specified info into the aggregate argument and returns it (just as the parent implementation does), but additionally ensures the following: if the Throwable argument is not null, re-throws it to immediately cancel the authentication process, since this strategy requires all realms to authenticate successfully. neither the info or aggregate argument is null to ensure that each realm did in fact authenticate successfully
 AuthenticationInfo AbstractAuthenticationStrategy.afterAttempt(Realm realm, AuthenticationToken token, AuthenticationInfo singleRealmInfo, AuthenticationInfo aggregateInfo, Throwable t)
          Base implementation that will aggregate the specified singleRealmInfo into the aggregateInfo and then returns the aggregate.
 AuthenticationInfo AuthenticationStrategy.beforeAttempt(Realm realm, AuthenticationToken token, AuthenticationInfo aggregate)
          Method invoked by the ModularAuthenticator just prior to the realm being consulted for account data, allowing pre-authentication-attempt logic for that realm only.
 AuthenticationInfo AllSuccessfulStrategy.beforeAttempt(Realm realm, AuthenticationToken token, AuthenticationInfo info)
          Because all realms in this strategy must complete successfully, this implementation ensures that the given Realm supports the given token argument.
 AuthenticationInfo AbstractAuthenticationStrategy.beforeAttempt(Realm realm, AuthenticationToken token, AuthenticationInfo aggregate)
          Simply returns the aggregate method argument, without modification.
protected  AuthenticationInfo ModularRealmAuthenticator.doSingleRealmAuthentication(Realm realm, AuthenticationToken token)
          Performs the authentication attempt by interacting with the single configured realm, which is significantly simpler than performing multi-realm logic.

Method parameters in org.apache.shiro.authc.pam with type arguments of type Realm
 AuthenticationInfo FirstSuccessfulStrategy.beforeAllAttempts(Collection<? extends Realm> realms, AuthenticationToken token)
          Returns null immediately, relying on this class's merge implementation to return only the first info object it encounters, ignoring all subsequent ones.
 AuthenticationInfo AuthenticationStrategy.beforeAllAttempts(Collection<? extends Realm> realms, AuthenticationToken token)
          Method invoked by the ModularAuthenticator signifying that the authentication process is about to begin for the specified token - called before any Realm is actually invoked.
 AuthenticationInfo AbstractAuthenticationStrategy.beforeAllAttempts(Collection<? extends Realm> realms, AuthenticationToken token)
          Simply returns new SimpleAuthenticationInfo();, which supports aggregating account data across realms.
protected  AuthenticationInfo ModularRealmAuthenticator.doMultiRealmAuthentication(Collection<Realm> realms, AuthenticationToken token)
          Performs the multi-realm authentication attempt by calling back to a AuthenticationStrategy object as each realm is consulted for AuthenticationInfo for the specified token.
 void ModularRealmAuthenticator.setRealms(Collection<Realm> realms)
          Sets all realms used by this Authenticator, providing PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) configuration.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.authz

Fields in org.apache.shiro.authz with type parameters of type Realm
protected  Collection<Realm> ModularRealmAuthorizer.realms
          The realms to consult during any authorization check.

Methods in org.apache.shiro.authz that return types with arguments of type Realm
 Collection<Realm> ModularRealmAuthorizer.getRealms()
          Returns the realms wrapped by this Authorizer which are consulted during an authorization check.

Method parameters in org.apache.shiro.authz with type arguments of type Realm
 void ModularRealmAuthorizer.setRealms(Collection<Realm> realms)
          Sets the realms wrapped by this Authorizer which are consulted during an authorization check.

Constructor parameters in org.apache.shiro.authz with type arguments of type Realm
ModularRealmAuthorizer(Collection<Realm> realms)
          Constructor that accepts the Realms to consult during an authorization check.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.cas

Classes in org.apache.shiro.cas that implement Realm
 class CasRealm
          This realm implementation acts as a CAS client to a CAS server for authentication and basic authorization.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.config

Methods in org.apache.shiro.config that return Realm
protected  Realm IniSecurityManagerFactory.createRealm(Ini ini)
          Creates a Realm from the Ini instance containing account data.

Method parameters in org.apache.shiro.config with type arguments of type Realm
protected  void IniSecurityManagerFactory.applyRealmsToSecurityManager(Collection<Realm> realms, SecurityManager securityManager)

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.guice

Methods in org.apache.shiro.guice that return types with arguments of type Realm
protected<Realm> ShiroModule.bindRealm()
          This is the preferred manner to bind a realm.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.mgt

Methods in org.apache.shiro.mgt that return types with arguments of type Realm
 Collection<Realm> RealmSecurityManager.getRealms()
          Returns the Realms managed by this SecurityManager instance.

Methods in org.apache.shiro.mgt with parameters of type Realm
 void RealmSecurityManager.setRealm(Realm realm)
          Convenience method for applications using a single realm that merely wraps the realm in a list and then invokes the RealmSecurityManager.setRealms(java.util.Collection) method.

Method parameters in org.apache.shiro.mgt with type arguments of type Realm
 void RealmSecurityManager.setRealms(Collection<Realm> realms)
          Sets the realms managed by this SecurityManager instance.

Constructors in org.apache.shiro.mgt with parameters of type Realm
DefaultSecurityManager(Realm singleRealm)
          Supporting constructor for a single-realm application.

Constructor parameters in org.apache.shiro.mgt with type arguments of type Realm
DefaultSecurityManager(Collection<Realm> realms)
          Supporting constructor for multiple realms.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.realm

Classes in org.apache.shiro.realm that implement Realm
 class AuthenticatingRealm
          A top-level abstract implementation of the Realm interface that only implements authentication support (log-in) operations and leaves authorization (access control) behavior to subclasses.
 class AuthorizingRealm
          An AuthorizingRealm extends the AuthenticatingRealm's capabilities by adding Authorization (access control) support.
 class CachingRealm
          A very basic abstract extension point for the Realm interface that provides caching support for subclasses.
 class SimpleAccountRealm
          A simple implementation of the Realm interface that uses a set of configured user accounts and roles to support authentication and authorization.

Methods in org.apache.shiro.realm that return types with arguments of type Realm
 Collection<Realm> RealmFactory.getRealms()
          Returns a collection of Realm instances that will be used to construct the application's SecurityManager instance.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.realm.activedirectory

Classes in org.apache.shiro.realm.activedirectory that implement Realm
 class ActiveDirectoryRealm
          A Realm that authenticates with an active directory LDAP server to determine the roles for a particular user.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.realm.jdbc

Classes in org.apache.shiro.realm.jdbc that implement Realm
 class JdbcRealm
          Realm that allows authentication and authorization via JDBC calls.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.realm.jndi

Methods in org.apache.shiro.realm.jndi that return types with arguments of type Realm
 Collection<Realm> JndiRealmFactory.getRealms()
          Performs the JNDI lookups for each specified JNDI name and returns all discovered Realms in an ordered collection.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.realm.ldap

Classes in org.apache.shiro.realm.ldap that implement Realm
 class AbstractLdapRealm
          A Realm that authenticates with an LDAP server to build the Subject for a user.
 class JndiLdapRealm
          An LDAP Realm implementation utilizing Sun's/Oracle's JNDI API as an LDAP API.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.realm.text

Classes in org.apache.shiro.realm.text that implement Realm
 class IniRealm
          A Realm implementation that creates SimpleAccount instances based on Ini configuration.
 class PropertiesRealm
          A TextConfigurationRealm that defers all logic to the parent class, but just enables Properties based configuration in addition to the parent class's String configuration.
 class TextConfigurationRealm
          A SimpleAccountRealm that enables text-based configuration of the initial User, Role, and Permission objects created at startup.

Uses of Realm in org.apache.shiro.web.mgt

Constructors in org.apache.shiro.web.mgt with parameters of type Realm
DefaultWebSecurityManager(Realm singleRealm)

Constructor parameters in org.apache.shiro.web.mgt with type arguments of type Realm
DefaultWebSecurityManager(Collection<Realm> realms)

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