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org.apache.shiro.cache Caching support used to enhance performance for any security operation. 
org.apache.shiro.cache.ehcache Ehcache-based implementations of Shiro's cache interfaces. 

Uses of CacheException in org.apache.shiro.cache

Methods in org.apache.shiro.cache that throw CacheException
 void MapCache.clear()
 void Cache.clear()
          Clear all entries from the cache.
protected abstract  Cache AbstractCacheManager.createCache(String name)
          Creates a new Cache instance associated with the specified name.
 V MapCache.get(K key)
 V Cache.get(K key)
          Returns the Cached value stored under the specified key or null if there is no Cache entry for that key.
<K,V> Cache<K,V>
CacheManager.getCache(String name)
          Acquires the cache with the specified name.
<K,V> Cache<K,V>
AbstractCacheManager.getCache(String name)
          Returns the cache with the specified name.
 V MapCache.put(K key, V value)
 V Cache.put(K key, V value)
          Adds a Cache entry.
 V MapCache.remove(K key)
 V Cache.remove(K key)
          Remove the cache entry corresponding to the specified key.

Uses of CacheException in org.apache.shiro.cache.ehcache

Methods in org.apache.shiro.cache.ehcache that throw CacheException
 void EhCache.clear()
          Removes all elements in the cache, but leaves the cache in a useable state.
 V EhCache.get(K key)
          Gets a value of an element which matches the given key.
<K,V> Cache<K,V>
EhCacheManager.getCache(String name)
          Loads an existing EhCache from the cache manager, or starts a new cache if one is not found.
 void EhCacheManager.init()
          Initializes this instance.
 V EhCache.put(K key, V value)
          Puts an object into the cache.
 V EhCache.remove(K key)
          Removes the element which matches the key.

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